A Spring of Renewal

With spring came seasonal renewal and a blooming green landscape, visible to a distance from the top of the EcoBuilding. This renewal is accompanied by a variety of news from within the building and its surrounding.

21 April 2013

We are looking forward to enjoying the view of the seasonal green and bloom from our new offices in the EcoBuilding next year… In the mean time, here are some news from the building site:


Floorings have been laid in all floors and the emergency staircase inside the building. The insulation under the window aluminum frames in the northern façade is in place.  In the classrooms and other internal spaces, the erection of drywalls and acoustic ceilings is progressing rapidly. On the second floor, two offices and a bathroom were opened for presentation, with natural light flows through them, even in the late afternoons.


Building of the entrance lobby is also progressing quite rapidly, and some of the fundamentals of the designers are already apparent: large and open public spaces, encouraging encounters between students, lecturers and researchers; together with details that encourage users of the building to activate their legs: exposed and accessible stairs at the entrance; 'hidden' elevator; a limited number of parking spaces – only for the disabled and 'green' cars; inviting and open bicycle parking at the front; showers and locker rooms available for cyclists; adjacent public transportation and a connection to the Science Promenade.


Outside an underground hole was dug to collect water for the Green Basin. Digging the hole necessitates accurate calculations and a meticulous work process, so that this purpose will be fulfilled efficiently for a long time. At the bottom of the pit, builders lay a layer of cardboard to prevent the concrete from moving and fracturing for many years, above which a thin layer of cement is poured. Ceilings and walls will be built later on – by cement and 11 tons of iron rods.

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