Goals of the Porter Building

A Pioneering Vision

Goals of the Porter Building
Photo: Shai Epstein

The Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences building is the first of its kind in Israel and the Middle East. Built to reflect the broad environmental vision of its founders, it implements a range of green principles and ideas:

  • Architecture & technology. The Porter Building will serve as a benchmark for green building in Israel, setting an example of planning and decision making processes in environmental architecture. A variety of advanced green principles and technologies have been applied in the building itself, reflecting the school's comprehensive sustainability perception. These include the utilization of alternative sources of energy, biological wastewater treatment, water recycling systems and more.
  • Enhancing public awareness. The Porter Building and activities that will be held in it, will serve to raise awareness for issues such as the environment, sustainability and green building in Israeli society. This inviting, accessible building will make tours, lectures and exhibitions available to the public, thus demonstrating its green operating systems and displaying real-time data on the energy saved by applying them.
  • Campus impact. The Porter Building is meant to influence the environmental discourse at Tel Aviv University, facilitate the development of guiding sustainability standards, and advance the construction of environmental infrastructure on campus.
  • Higher education. Students at the school will gain first-hand familiarity with the operation of the building. As a hub for the study of green architecture, the building will help train a new generation of professionals specializing in sustainable construction.
  • Research & innovation. Designed as an innovative facility, the Porter Building will in itself constitute a developing laboratory for the issues of environment and sustainability. It will facilitate researchers, encouraged to test as well as implement their pioneering ideas, and experiments with original technologies.


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