The EcoWall is an iconic element of the building, conveying the PSES Building‘s spirit and vision by its design and functionality. This Three-story high steel construction, composed of columns, pathways and terraces, stretches down the long southern façade of the PSES Building. 

Photo: Shai Epstein

The EcoWall has numerous functions:


  • Protection. The EcoWall shields the atrium from the harsh southern sun, and screens out noise and pollution arising from the Ayalon Highway running beneath the cliff.
  • Solar Energy. Thermo-solar energy generation tubes are installed on the exterior of the EcoWall, absorbing the sun's radiation to heat water, which in turn activates the PSES Building's entire air-conditioning system, independent of electricity from the national grid.
  • Research Platform. The EcoWall terraces are allocated to researchers involved in environmental issues. Here they can hold experiments requiring specific needs, set up small labs, grow beddings of 'green walls' etc.
  • Showcase. The fascinating mosaic of research initiatives that is created in the EcoWall, offers the public a unique opportunity. Visitors and students can stroll and visit the galleries overlooking the research units and observe the forefront of environmental science in the making. Additionally, the computer-controlled network of LED bulbs, surfacing the Capsule, enables the presentation of environmental data to some distance, to be observed by passersby and highway passengers. This approach of educating, sharing and providing accessibility to data – strikingly uncharacteristic of the competitive world of research – best represents the spirit of the Porter School of Environmental Studies and its Building.


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