Research and Laboratories Center (Planned)

Adjacent to the main building of the Porter School of Environmental Studies (PSES), future plans include the construction of a laboratory building, which will constitute an advanced research center for environmental technologies (with an emphasis on renewable energies). The lab building will span over an overall are of some 2,000 sq m, and will include 13-14 ‘flexible’ labs – which can be adapted to research under varied disciplines, according to changing needs. The special labs will be at the service of different researchers for specific studies, based on the available research funding or funding from external resources. They will be established in collaboration with factors from industry and government, and their use will include the promotion of practical and implementational research.


The Environmental Technologies Research Center will substantially strengthen the research activity undertaken by the Porter School of Environmental Studies. It will attract leading scientists from Israel and the world, seeking to benefit from the innovative research infrastructure and the unique interdisciplinary approach of the School. The vibrant activity is expected to position the School at the forefront of global research into environmental technologies and renewable energy.


The laboratory building will be positioned on the edge of the cliff underneath the Science Promenade, connecting between the train station and the PSES Building, and will be mostly underground. Similarly to the PSES Building, it will also be built in accordance with leading green building standards, and based on environmental building technologies to minimize its energy consumption and environmental impacts.


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