The Porter Building

New Home of the department of Environmental Studies

The Capsule Building, as it is has been dubbed, is the heart and home of the Porter School of Environmental Studies (PSES). As Israel's first LEED Platinum certified building, as well as recipient of the Israel government's "Diamond Level" Green Building Standard (5281), it reflects the core values and missions of the school. It is designed to incorporate advanced energy and water saving environmental technologies, and is the first green building on the Tel Aviv University campus.
The building is on the eastern front of campus, just south of the Zoological garden and adjacent to the main entrance to the university from the Ayalon Highway. It houses classrooms, lecture halls, and offices, as well as exhibition space in the atrium, an auditorium, a green roof, and staff kitchenettes. A rooftop garden features biological basins fed by treated and recycled graywater. Its pleasant interior spaces and external grounds are ideal for students and researchers to meet, and creates a potent first impression upon welcoming government officials and representatives of industry and environmental organizations.
In addition to its academic role as home to PSES, the building serves as an accessible educational platform to the public on topics relating to green building specifically and environmental research in general. Visitors are able to explore how its environmental technologies operate, including a solar-thermal based air-conditioning system and advanced bio-climatic planning technologies. A Science Promenade linking it to the university train station will present environmental exhibits, as a continuation of the building features. 

Read about the advanced technologies, creative design and various features on the Building website.




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