Head of Program

Prof. Alex Golberg
Prof. Alex Golberg is the Academic Head of the International MA Program in Environmental Studies

mail: agolberg@tauex.tau.ac.il
Phone: 03-6407182
Curriculum Vita
Office: Porter building. Room 205




Prof. Alexander Golberg is a researcher in the field of bioengineering. He completed his doctoral studies in 2011 in bioengineering at the Hebrew University. In 2011 he served as a research fellow at the University of Berkeley and in 2012-2014 at Harvard University.


Prof. Golberg’s research focuses on creating offshore bio-refineries that will turn macroalgae into biofuels, industrial chemicals and protein-rich food.

Research projects in his lab include developing methods for biomass farming in the sea and developing technologies for converting algae and plant biomass into chemicals for food and fuels.




Research topics

Marine Macroalgae Biorefineries for the production of chemicals, fuels and food offshore.


Selected publications

Golberg, A., H. D. Rabinowitch  and B. Rubinsky. Galvanic apparent internal impedance: an intrinsic tissue property.  Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 389: 168-171, 2009

Golberg A.,  H.D. Rabinowitch, and B. Rubinsky. Zn/Cu- vegetative batteries, bioelectrical characterizations and primary cost analyses. J. Renewable Sustainable Energydoi:10.1063/1.3427222 2010, highlighted in Nature, 465,848, 2010.

Golberg, A,  Y. Fischer, M. Belkin and B. Rubinsky. Intermittently Delivered Pulsed Electric Fields for Sterile Storage of Turbid Media. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 38 (11):3211-3218, 2010.

Golberg, A, Rae C.S, Rubinsky B. Listeria monocytogenes cell wall constituents charge effect on irreversible electroporation threshold. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes, 1818(3):689-94, 2012

Golberg, A, Analytical model of local distribution of chemicals in tissues with first order rate metabolism kinetics. Chemical Engineering Research Communications, 201(1): 102-119, 2013.

Golberg, A and Yarmush M.L. Nonthermal Irreversible electroporation: Fundamental, Applications, Challenges. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 60 (3):707-14, 2013

Golberg, A, Broelsch, G.F, Bohr,S, Mihm, M.C, Austen, W.G, Albadawi,H, Watkins,M.T, Yarmush, M.Non-Thermal, Pulsed Electric Field Cell Ablation: A Novel Tool for Regenerative Medicine and Scarless Skin Regeneration. Technology, 1: 1-8, 2013

Golberg, A, Vitkin,E, Linshiz,G, Ahmad Khan,S, Hillson, N.J, Yakhini Z, Yarmush,M.L. Proposed Design of Distributed Marine Biorefineries: Thermodynamics, Technology, and Sustainability Implications for Developing economies. Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining, 8(1): 67-82, 2014

Golberg, A*, Linshiz, G*, Kravets, I, Stawski, N, Hillson, N, Yarmush ML,Marks, RS, Konry, T. Cloud-enabled microscopy and droplet microfluidic platform for specific detection of Escherichia coli in water.  PLoS ONE 9(1): e86341.2014 * Equal contributions.

Golberg, A, Broelsch, G.F, Vecchio, D, Khan, S., Hamblin, M.R, Austen, W.G, Sheridan R.L, Yarmush, M. Pulsed electric fields for burn wound disinfection. Journal of Burn Care and Research. In print. Robert B. Lindberg Award from American Burn Association.

Golberg, A, Broelsch, G.F, Vecchio, D, Khan, S., Hamblin, M.R, Austen, W.G, Sheridan R.L, Yarmush, M. Eradication of multidrug-resistant A. baumanniii in burn wounds by antiseptic pulsed electric fields. Technology. In print.




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