Thesis Track

Thesis Track


Academic Requirements

Students interested in the thesis track will submit an application according to the following requirements:

  1. Minimum grade point average from bachelor's degree of 80 (according to TAU transcript evaluation).
  2. Minimum grade point average of 85 from the first semester MA courses.
  3. Completion of all coursework as required in the International MA Program non-thesis program.


Materials to submit

Students will be required to submit the following as part of their application to the thesis track a document that includes the following sections (but is no more than 2 pages long):

  1. Research topic, including a brief proposal of the research that will be carried out.
  2. Explanation of how the research will be interdisciplinary.  It is important to emphasize the two disciplines that will be included in the research.
  3. Short statement of interest explaining why the student is applying for the thesis track.


Program requirements


Students who are accepted to the thesis track will be required to complete a course in research methods during the fall semester of the second year, in addition to the 38 required credits for the MA Program. The research methods course should preferably be taken during the first semester. The course selection should be confirmed in writing by the students' advisors.


The Research Methods course may be taken outside of TAU, with written permission of the advisors and the Academic Committee. To receive credit for a course taken outside of TAU, students must obtain a minimum grade of 80 in the course, and must submit an official transcript to the Program Manager. The grade for a course taken outside of TAU will not be factored into the students' final average grade.


Thesis Supervisors

Students are required to work with two Thesis Supervisors on their research, one of whom must be TAU tenured faculty. Each supervisor must be from a different discipline, preferably a different faculty.  Finding supervisors is up to the student, but the program administratorsmay provide support and consultation. Any proposed supervisor who does not hold a tenure track position at TAU must be approved by the Academic Committee.


Research Proposal

Students must prepare, together with their Thesis Supervisors, a research proposal that outlines the planned research project.  The research proposal should be no more than 3 pages long.

Students will be required to attend 10 lectures over the course of the second year (thesis year), at PSES seminars, or other departmental seminars at TAU, or conferences.  

Students should adhere to the following guidelines for lectures:

  1. Each lecture must be at least 45 minutes long.
  2. Lectures must be relevant to your thesis topic. 
  3. Lectures attended must be either held by a TAU department, or in the case of a conference, sponsored or organized by a TAU department. Requests to attend conferences or lectures at other universities in Israel or abroad must be submitted and approved in advance.
  4. Students should submit the Seminar/Lecture Form for each lecture attended. Forms should be submitted for approval at the end of the fall and spring semesters. 


Students will present their work in the Research Seminar course in the second year of their studies.


ThesisFinal Exam (Thesis Defense)

Students will present their findings in a Thesis Final Exam (Thesis Defense) before their supervisors, as well as external reviewers.



Deadlines for submission of application, research proposal and all fees and payments are published to students during the first semester of the academic year.



Tuition for the thesis track is $5,400.  The Porter School offers scholarships for the thesis track.


Refund and cancellation policies are found in the Student Handbook.


Student Services

Students accepted to the thesis track will be provided with the following student services:

  1. Health insurance
  2. Student Union membership
  3. Library access
  4. Student visa extension



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