Be ready to spoil your taste buds during your stay at TAU!  There is no inclusive meal plan at Tel Aviv University.  There are several supermarkets nearby, as well as shops that sell prepared foods. University subsidized cafeterias on campus serve excellent kosher meals at very reasonable prices. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés in close proximity to the campus.


Some of the larger grocery store chains in Israel are Supersol (also known as Shufersal), Mega, and Tiv Ta’am. Supersol and Mega are closed on the Sabbath (Saturdays), and everything in the stores is kosher. Tiv Ta’am, on the other hand, sells non-kosher products and is open on Saturdays.


Also open on Saturdays is AM:PM, which is a grocery chain that sells fresh produce and most staple groceries. As the name suggests, AM:PM is also open all night long.


The two main health food chains are Teva Kastel (many locations throughout the city) and Eden (in Gan Ha’ir shopping center - Ibn Gvirol Street at the corner of Hadassa Street).  Many international products are also available at these stores.  If you are looking for marmite, sushi rice, curry, or root beer, this store is for you!


Another great way to shop is by visiting the outdoor markets. Carmel Market, located at the intersection of King George, Allenby, and Sheinkin Streets, is a great place to get anything you might ever need. Beyond food, the market also has shops that sell flowers, hardware, clothes, and many other items.


There are many free cultural events and the beach is free, but concerts, designer shops, and eating out can add up. The costs of living will therefore very much depend on you. We suggest that you consider adopting the eating habits of Israelis - fruit and vegetables are relatively inexpensive and readily available. Chicken is the most popular meat, as beef is costly and features less prominently in the Israeli diet.


Students can purchase from the student union discounted vouchers for purchasing food in supermarkets.



On Campus Meals

On campus, university-subsidized cafeterias serve wholesome meals at reasonable prices.  There are also a considerable number of restaurants and food courts on campus, including Alim Yerukim (healthy, vegetarian hot dishes, soups and salads), Aroma (coffee and sandwiches), Cacao (pasta, vegetarian hot dishes, sushi and sandwiches), a chumus bar, several salad bars and a schwarma and falafel stand. 


All cafeterias and restaurants on campus are kosher.



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