Three PhD Students at the School win Prestigious Dan David Prize for 2019

Congratulations to our PhD students whose research has won the Dan David International Prize and a fellowship to enable them to continue developing their important research for combating climate change

20 May 2019
Three PhD Students at the School win Prestigious Dan David Prize for 2019
The Dan David Prize for 2019 was awarded to 20 PhD and Post-PhD students in three areas of research: past - Macro History, present - Defending Democracy, and future - Combatting Climate Change.
Among the 20 students selected from around the world are three students from the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University.
We are happy and proud together with our students and congratulate them for winning the Dan David prize.
Patricia Akao, for her research on the use of microscopic algae for the treatment of organic pollutants in wastewater - "Microalgae Utilization for Removal of Organic Compounds from Wastewater".
Research Advisors: Prof. Dror Avisar, head of the Water Research Center of the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Prof. Hadas Maman Shtendel, Faculty of Engineering.
Judith Lax, for her research on Hygro-Electricity as a potential source of renewable energy in humid areas - "Hygro-Electricity: A Possible Source for Renewable Energy in High Relative Humidity Zones".
Research Advisor: Prof. Colin Price, Head of the Department of Environmental Studies at the School.
Erez Perry, for his research for maximizing social value from wind energy. using wind turbine placement - "Zoning Wind Turbines to Maximize Social Benefits from Wind Energy".
Research Advisor: Prof. Alon Tal, Faculty of Social Sciences.
The prizes were awarded at a festive ceremony at Tel Aviv University
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