Bio-plastics polymer from algae using bacteria - Research at the Environmental Bioengineering Laboratory

A short video uploaded by AP Archive to YouTube shows the importance of solving plastic buildup in the oceans and the research in the Environmental Bioengineering Laboratory for the development of biodegradable bio-plastics

17 May 2019


This short video offers a glimpse at the research for the development of a bioplastic polymer from algae by using bacteria, in the Environmental Bioengineering Laboratory.


In the video, Dr. Alex Golberg and Prof. Michael Gozin explain the breakthrough research and the possible applications.


The researchers will also present their research at the main event that opens the Czech Innovation Week on 20.5.2019. The first panel will open the conference under the title: Exploring the New Universe of Innovations: Personal Quest. Dr. Alex Golberg, Head of the Environmental Bioengineering Laboratory at the Department of Environmental Studies, Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, and Prof. Michael Gozin, Senior Lecturer, School of Chemistry, will present the innovative research under the title "Production of bioplastics from marine microorganisms, Tel Aviv University".


For details about the Innovation Week and the opening conference , please see the conference website.



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