Summer Institute: Courses

Sustainability and the City

Assoc. Prof. Elissa Rosenberg

This course will explore the meaning of sustainability within a broader interdisciplinary framework that brings together architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and urban design - a framework that had once clearly existed until it was eroded by 20th century practice. The course will present a critical approach to the contemporary discourse of sustainability through a study of its historical and theoretical roots, from mid-19th century to present as well as a review of contemporary sustainable site practices. The course will examine the changing relationship of city and nature in the industrial to post-industrial city based on the study of texts, projects and built works.


Solid Waste Production and Management

Dr. Debby Mir

The UN, OECD and Israel government policy is aiming towards a zero waste society; waste management is big business on the local, national and international stage. What can we expect into the future? In this course students study the history and development of waste patterns and management strategies through readings and classroom participation, including the following topics: waste quantity and quality as a basis for best management practices; legislation, politics, community expectations and economics in establishing approaches and addressing issues in managing residential, commercial and industrial wastes; food recovery, access to infrastructure and services, packaging, life cycle, cradle-to-cradle, waste=food, and household hazardous waste; waste management issues, challenges and opportunities; science and technology; innovative waste management.


Problems of globalization in the third world: Effects on women and the environment

Professor Jenny Kien

Problems with global "free trade"; effect of globalized free trade in food and fuel on 3rd world agriculture and environment – desertification. The effects of globalization and environmental damage on women and indigenous peoples. Working towards solutions.


*Course topics subject to change




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